Palacios Group


Palacios is a leading business group in the Spanish food sector, starting out as a family butcher's that opened in 1960 in Albelda de Iregua. This same Rioja town saw the arrival of Embutidos Palacios in 1983 that initially only made strung chorizos.

After several decades of backing innovation, quality and diversification, the Palacios Group today is a benchmark in the food sector with full line of products ranging from several types of chorizo to frozen desserts, including omelettes, ready-meals and pizzas products.

At Grupo Palacios, there are currently more than 1000 employees.

Find out about our history

  • 1960The "Palacios" butcher's shop opens in Albelda de Iregua.
  • 1983The Embutidos Palacios S.A. facilities are inaugurated. (4,000 m2 and 7 employees) to make strung U-shaped chorizo.
  • 1997Palacios chorizo leads the Spanish market with a 21% share (Source: ACNielsen, Tam AS06).
  • 1998Palacios is one of the four European companies authorised by the United States to sell meat products in this country.
  • 1999The first Palacios Pizzas production plant starts up.
  • 2002Spanish omelette is sold and a manufacturing plant is purchased in Madrid. The second pizza production plant opens.
  • 2003Launch of frozen desserts.
  • 2004Implementation of the ready-meal factory. Launch of "A Fuego Lento" and the “Tentadore” desserts.
  • 2005Purchase of Elore Enterprise, Inc (Miami – U.S.A.). Implementation of the Rosca dessert factory. Employee numbers now exceed 500.
  • 2006Purchase of the Delidor dessert company along with its industrial plant in Barcelona.
  • 2007The bread-making plant opens (Extremiana-Palacios).
  • 2008Launch of sandwiches and Low Fat chorizo. We top 600 employees.
  • 2009MBO in Palacios Alimentación. Capital buyout by the management team with support from ProA Capital, leading the operation, and investors such as Partners Group and Talde.
  • 2010Shareholder agreement with Floristan whose management passes over to Embutidos Palacios.
  • 2011Agreement to purchase the Dealsa frozen pizza business.
  • 2013Alinaco (frozen omelette market leader) is incorporated into the business structure
  • 2013Granderroble joins the PALACIOS group, creating the largest Frozen Dessert group on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • 2015The Carlyle Group acquired a majority shareholding in Palacios Alimentación in an SBO.
  • 2016Grupo Palacios consolidates its leadership in fresh food with the acquisition of Precocinados Fuentetaja; and Palacios reinforces its international presence with the purchase of the North American Elore Holdings Inc. (which operates under the "Quijote" brand).
  • 2019 The MCH Private Equity and Ardian groups acquire a majority shareholding in Palacios Alimentación in an TBO
Grupo Empresarial Palacios Alimentación, S.A. | Ctra. de Logroño, S/N 26120 Albelda de Iregua (La Rioja)
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