Innovation and Quality


This is the central focus of our company policy, our work and our products:

These are the principles that guide our work:

  • Maintaining an effective management system.
  • Continuous improvement for our processes and working conditions, looking for customer, worker and environment satisfaction and protection.
  • Designing and meeting annual objectives for quality, food security, environment and occupation risk prevention.
  • Assessing, controlling and reducing risks in the workplace, environmental impact and food safety risks by means of HACCP.
  • Training, coaching and raising awareness among our workers so they are capable of creating a culture for quality, food safety, environment and health.
  • Meeting legislation and standards in force at all times in terms of food safety, environment and occupation risk prevention.
  • Meeting the most demanding quality standards such as IFS, BRC and ISO certificates.


  • 14001 certificate
  • ISO 45001 certificate
  • 9001 certificate
  • BRC Confectionery plant
  • BRC pizza plant
  • BRC ready meals
  • BRC rosca plant
  • BRC cold meat
  • BRC cakes
  • BRC bread
  • IFS cold meat
  • IFS pizzas
  • IFS roscas
  • IFS refrigerates products
  • IFS cakes
  • IFS dishes
  • IFS bread
  • EMAS renewal
  • EMAS 1 renewal
  • EMAS 2 renewal
  • EMAS 3 renewal
  • Checked by FACE (celiac association)
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