Frozen pizzas standard format - 27 cm Generic

Frozen pizzas standard format - 27 cm

Pizzas Genéricas

Authentic Italian pizza thin crust with carefully selected ingredients. Enjoy our pizzas both classic and discover new products we have for you. Enjoy your meal!

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  • Innovation in flavor with recipes for success
  • Weight: 360g - 415g
The classic pizza, thin crust, crunchy, made with ham, mozzarella cheese and smoky bacon strips.
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The recipe for those who enjoy the cheese, mix of four varieties of cheese: Mozzarella flux, tasty Gouda, suggestive Edam and color touch of Cheddar
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The unmistakable flavor of our leader, Palacios chorizo and creaminess of goat cheese cubes. An irresistible mix for maximum enjoyment!
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The Mediterranean-style pizza: cooked ham, with extra laminated mushrooms and black olives complement perfectly this crisp thin-crust pizza.
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Amazing combination of thin strips of roasted chicken, bacon and mushrooms into slices, on a thin crust covered with a smooth mixture of barbecue sauce and carbonara.
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